Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc. has made it our mission to restore the cemetery to what it was intended to be, a peaceful, serene, garden-like resting place,  and

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Lincoln Cemetery Society holds cleanups regularly to maintain the grounds and improve the property.  We are always looking for help and volunteers!  Here's how you can help:

So how can I get involved?

Veterans as far back as the U.S. Civil War are buried here, as well as notable civic historical figures.  From years of neglect, the cemetery fell into deplorable condition.  The Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc. has been established to change that.  We hope you feel as compelled as we do to explore and preserve the cemetery's rich history!


Lincoln Cemetery served as the main burial ground for St. Petersburg's black population from the year it opened in 1926 and throughout the segregation era. 

Our Misson

to preserve it as a place where families can visit, find  their loved ones, and pay their respects for generations.  

It is also our intent to see that it serves as an honorable memorial for our fallen war veterans and civic leaders who are buried here as well.  Find out how you can become part of the mission!

Sweeping away years of neglect at cemetery[
FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay]  
Published on Apr 21, 2016
A young woman has made a neglected Gulfport cemetery her passion project. Vanessa Gray recruited volunteers to clean the property at the Lincoln Cemetery, where many African Americans and even some Civil War veterans are laid to rest.

Community Impact

Monthly Clean-Ups:​​

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Lincoln Cemetery Key Questions Answered
Posted by: Debbie Wolfe in Community,

 Gulfport Gabber - March 8, 2017

​In the aftermath of a change in ownership in Gulfport’s Lincoln Cemetery that has recently been made public, a variety of questions have amassed as a result of area press coverage, social media, and meetings both in a government office and the community....