​​April 4, 2017 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -

Lincoln Cemetery Society special announcement
Special Clean-Up Scheduled in conjunction with local Publix Supermarket April 11th, 2017
April is shaping up to be a very active and productive month for Lincoln Cemetery Society.  The society is hosting two Clean-Ups this month on-site at 600 58th St. in Gulfport, FL 33707.   The first, is their regularly scheduled “First Tuesday Clean-Up” being held, April 4th, at 8:30 a.m., the second, is a “Special Clean-Up” on April 11th at 1:00 p.m. with volunteers joining the effort from a local Publix Supermarket as well.  All of Lincoln Cemetery Society’s Clean-Ups are open to anyone willing to pitch in and give a hand!  Volunteers are encouraged to bring yard related tools (rake, shovel, broom, clippers, weed-eater, etc.).  Water and refreshments will be provided throughout the day. 

Founder and President of Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc., Vanessa Gray, has been working diligently along with all the members of the society's Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, and dozens of volunteers who have turned out consistently to help restore and preserve this historic site.   In

response to the flood of recent support for this mission from the local community, civic groups, area churches, private companies, the media, and the public sector, Ms. Gray stated, “We’re going to continue cleaning up Lincoln Cemetery no matter what happens...  We believe strongly in restoring the graves back to where they should be.  We have to continue to focus on what we’ve been doing all along, which is action!"

Lincoln Cemetery is a segregated cemetery established in 1926 for 'Non-Whites" during the days of the Jim Crow Laws in the south.  Records over the years have been lost, destroyed, or mishandled, so many families had lost track of the locations of their loved ones.   But through recent efforts by Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc., many lost graves have now been found at Lincoln Cemetery.  Within just this last week, Lincoln Cemetery Society has helped locate and uncover 6 more headstones for families who had lost all trace of their markers.  These families have now been brought back together again and have each expressed their extreme appreciation for their efforts in locating these markers and reuniting them with their loved ones.  One comment left on Facebook read, "Thank you to Vanessa Gray, for taking the time, effort, and energy to find my Aunt at Lincoln Cemetery, It is greatly appreciated."

The society is currently working on new decorations at the entrance to usher in spring to the cemetery.  Bright flowers, smiling lady bugs, and a new welcome sign, will now greet you as you drive into the property. The goals for this month’s "Clean-Ups" will be focused on finishing these tasks and adding some more seasonal decor.  The driveway will be lined with flowers and additional trimming and debris removal will increase safety and enhance the overall appearance of the property.  We hope you will come out and join us!

There is much more happening at Lincoln Cemetery Society.  To find out how you can get involved and to keep up with all the news and information about Lincoln Cemetery and the Lincoln Cemetery Society, visit: www.LincolnCemeterySociety.org. 


​​Date: Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 11:26 AM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Lincoln Cemetery Society launches new website at: www.LincolnCemeterySociety.org

Gulfport, FL - Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc. (a Florida NOT FOR PROFIT COMPANY), who has recently accepted ownership of Lincoln Cemetery located at 600 58th St. Gulport, FL 33707, has been busy building the infrastructure and the working the details necessary to restore and preserve this historic predominately African American cemetery.  To help to reach-out to the community, and inform the public of the society's plans and intentions for the property, the society has launched a new website at: www.LincolnCemeterySociety.org earlier this month.  

Within the site is a plethora of information about the Lincoln Cemetery including; News, Event Calendar, History, Records Archives, and a new page dedicated to collecting and archiving the stories from "Families" of those that are laid to rest there.  
The Society is currently working on several books including; one, in conjunction with a local school, and another, on the more recent history leading up to the Lincoln Cemetery Society's acquisition and current events.  

The Lincoln Cemetery Society has just hosted their monthly Cemetery Cleanup last Tuesday, March 4th, 2017 and continues to make strides on clearing the perimeter of the property and uncovering lost headstones. Seven headstones were uncovered during this month's cemetery cleanup! Future cleanups are already posted on the Event Calendar located on the new website.

Vanessa Gray, President of Lincoln Cemetery Society​ Inc. stated "We have already started collecting donations online with a GoFundME account on our website."  She explained, "This was set up to help pay the outstanding liens placed on the property by the City of Gulfport prior to the society taking possession."  "We will be expanding our fundraising efforts to include funding for short-range and long-range initiatives," She added.    Look online over the next few months for information on a major fundraiser that will begin funding a new perpetual care fund for the cemetery.

The top 10 initiatives also posted on the new website under the "Action Plan" tab:
Top 10 Objectives:

  1. Remove growth from fence-line of property
  2. Remove growth from around trees
  3. Trim old and damaged trees
  4. Uncover and catalog lost or forgotten headstones
  5. Update plot maps with new found headstones
  6. Improve entrance and easements
  7. Install gates and fencing around property
  8. Install signage and cameras at entrance 
  9. Install flag pole at entrance
  10. Fill any damaged or sunken grave sites

A detailed PDF of the ACTION PLAN will be published and available online soon.  It will include details on; short, medium, and long-range goals for Lincoln Cemetery and Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc. along with; a fundraising strategy, grant proposals, perpetual endowment initiative, and restoration and preservation programs.  We invite everyone who would like to support this cause to join us!  You can get involved and keep in touch by submitting your contact information on our "Get Involved" tab on the new website.  Doing so will also sign you up to receive our newsletter!

For the latest information visit:
Web URL http://www.lincolncemeterysociety.org

For comment contact:
Email:  LincolnCemeterySociety@gmail.com

or, Call: Vanessa Gray 
President - Lincoln Cemetery Society Inc.
​(727) 280-6635


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 28, 2017

Lincoln Cemetery Society takes ownership of Lincoln Cemetery in Gulfport, FL

Gulfport, FL – LINCOLN CEMETERY SOCIETY INC. has officially taken ownership of Lincoln Cemetery, located at 600 58th Street South in Gulfport, FL 33707, from the previous owners LINCOLN CEMETERY INCORPORATED.   

The property deed was transferred in early February and recorded with the Pinellas County Clerk of the Court on February 14th, 2017.   Now that the ownership of the cemetery is clear, the focus can be not just on maintenance and preservation of the cemetery, but also developing the funding and infrastructure that will sustain it, in perpetuity. 

LINCOLN CEMETERY SOCIETY INC. was established on June 20, 2016, registering with the State of Florida as a 501c-3 Not For Profit Corporation.  Its mission is to restore and preserve the cemetery as a place where families can visit to pay their respects for generations to come.

To find out more about Lincoln Cemetery and how you can help LINCOLN CEMETERY SOCIETY INC. achieve their goals visit: http://www.lincolncemeterysociety.org.

Email lincolncemeterysociety@gmail.com